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About me

Like most photgraphers, I grew up with a keen eye for the aesthetic, but never truly understood it or truly harnessed it until taking a photogrpahy course where I attended high school in Summit, New Jersey. Once I saw that first latent image appear out of nowhere in a tray full of chemicals with long names I couldn't pronounce, I was hooked. I had found my passion. My camera became my constant companion and I took it everywhere I went, shooting anything of interest I saw. Eventually I realized what I truly enjoyed was catching that special moment, that subtle smile or expression of joy on a friends face. I took every photgraphy course I possilbly could in high school and earned the Award of Excellence in photography my senior year. I even worked in a photography store just to be around photographers and to learn more about the equipment and techniques. In my senior year I won a scholarship and was accepted to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City, where I continued to pursue my passion. It was the greatest experience any budding photographer could hope for, the chance to work with some of New York's top professional photographers, and I soaked up all the knowledge I could while developing my own style and polishing my craft. Shortly before graduating I met my husband and before I knew it I was a young bride with a baby on the way. Well, 15 years later, I have three beautiful daughters and a handsome young son, all of whom have suffered the indignity of growing up with, mom's camera in their face. Actually, they have all been great and cooperative little models for me over the years and we have so many chersihed moments preserved forever as a result. It started slowly, but over the years my friends and neighbors have noticed my work and asked me to shoot their portaits, family photos and even a wedding or two. After much encourgement and prodding from family and friends I decided to dust off my old ambitions and pursue my career in photography. I have been shooting professionally for two years now and have photographed dozens of precious young faces, done many family portraits sessions, and several weddings. I feel truly blessed that so many have chosen me to capture that special moment It has been a true adventure and I hope to continue pursuing and refing my craft for a long time.

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